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I am a writer of lighting composition, D.O.P, graduated Art Student, Lighting Director, ex-Librarian, Print Communicator and fulltime Media Producer ❤ ☺ -kpk

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  • Hello-hi goodbye uncle aunty and pascal 👋😂👍 with Bonita at Terminal 2D – View on Path.

    Sunday-ing with my ❤️❤️
    It has been 8 incredible days🌟 til next time Bandung!👋 with Bonita and Dad – View on Path.

    We’re blessed to have friends and families that staying near to our heart. As years passing by in such distance, as we get closer and have each other no matter what 🙏 have a great Sunday with your dearest people💌

    Jadi inget masa SD 😍 #ohbandung #banjarsari at Taman Balai Kota Bandung – View on Path.

    Last day, sempetin nemenin ade break lunch latihan upacara ospek, goodluck ospekny de! Semangat kuliahnya, sukses smuanya 🙏🌟✨✨ with Sultan, Andrew, Puthi, Kika, Bonita, and Adhika at Taman Balai Kota Bandung – View on Path.

    Once again, happy sweet 17th my baby sissy 😘♥️ wish all your dreams come true🙏💌

    Ini kita hi-bye banget yaa cha😂 adios say!😘 with Nerissa – View on Path.

    Happy sweet 17th my baby sissy 😘♥️ *akhirny this time this year celebrate your bday bareng💝🎈🎉 with Yasmin, Azalia Yasyfa, and Bonita at Zaaal11 – View on Path.

    Terakhir dan pertama kali ketemu baby EL 10-days-out, skr udah loncat2 lari2 meluk2 erat💙 #solittletimemoment with Sultan, Puthi, Kika, Bonita, Seinalucious, Adhika, and Sista Cherry – View on Path.

    Date lunch with my beloved sister tempe bacem, gepuk, terong rebus, waluh, perkedel jagung, tempe goreng, tahu kecap, paria, es teh manis, es jeruk, sambel terasi, dannnnn udara bandung! with Sista Cherry – View on Path.

    Akhirnya ketemu my genius lil brotha 👦 sooo proud of our soon to be Pak Dokter 💙👍 with Sultan, Andrew, Puthi, Kika, Seinalucious, and Adhika – View on Path.

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